2016 m. lapkričio 9 d., trečiadienis

Low carb Trump Snacks

So, Donald J. Trump is the new president of the US and A.
Quite unexpected and interesting (times).

Let's make Donald J. Trump low carb again!

Here are the snack ideas to celebrate Trump's victory. My girlfriends were saying: Ausra, you must bake cupcakes with orange and yellow glazing so you might hit on the wave of popularity. Thank you, girls, such recognition means a lot to me. Not sure about him being a cupcake though (Cupcake - a beautiful woman (American Bukowskian definition)), but it is worth trying.
So I am having it in my mind, but in the meantime here are some quick ideas on Trump impersonating snacks. Low carb of course.

Number 1: Carrot face and cheese hair.
Number 2: Persimmon head and cabbage hair.
Number 3: Persimmon slice and omelette+cheese hair and a  bit of tomato for lips.
Food that looks like Trump

Food shaped like Trump
Trump's hair explained

Looks more like a bird or a lady or Ivanka than Trump.

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