Halloween party

The celebration of Halloween this Saturday was great success.

The number of guests that finally arrived - 1. (It's OK, I have house full of family members. Five kids in one daughter for sure.)

When the guest arrived,  an hour earlier, I was in the shower. My neighbor had to let her in. She wanted to make a SURPRISE! Instead I made.

The cabbage tzadziki that I made had too much salt and the meat that I baked in the oven was unmunchable.

The sheep's head called Smala Hove, on the other hand, steamed by my husband, was tender and nice. It turns out there is some fat in the face. Yum.

Smala Hove - steamed sheep's head

For dessert there was Chocolate Mousse.

My Moonlight Lace Front wig was slightly sliding form my head. So need to watch some YouTube videos on how to adjust it properly.

At the end of the night I suggested to watch Scary Movie 3 which opens with Pamela Anderson. My guest wished for 50 Shades of Grey but Netflix did not have it. Instead she booked me for February to drive to the cinema to watch part 2 of Shades. Didn't even see part one. Whatever. That's cool.

So in spite of all those glitches, I was quite happy with my Halloween celebration. Plenty of room for improvement, but most important thing is to participate and join the Americans. Happy Halloween!

I'm not done yet


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