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Low carb dovanos Kalėdoms ir Naujiesiems metams - Low carb christmas gift guide

Does it happen to you too? You go out to buy presents for family and friends and all you see is presents for yourself.
Probably because you know yourself best.

For example:

Kaledinės dovanos

It's cups' year this year for me. Probably because they produce more cool cups like this one and the previous one:

You can also make a cup yourself. For that you need a blank cup and some special markers from www.pandurohobby.com

Low carb art

Heavy Christmas, friends!

Coffee with butter or coconut oil - so called bullet proof coffee.

Dashing through the sNOw!

How do you feel when entering a shop? Like a virgin?

Black Friday. Is it rasist?

Some products of heavy healthy lifestyle are not cheap, so they can easily become presents, like for instance, Udo's choice oil (I would handle it like expensive cognac, really) or golden berries, not to mention New Zealand's honey Manuka - THE BEST IN THE WORLD, for fox's sake, just check the price!

It's just some ideas, not any add, here called 'reklame'.
Ką jūs dovanosite artimiesiems šiais metais?

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